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 I have worked as a reporter, news anchor, entertainment anchor, health anchor, radio news reader and presenter and as a shopping channel presenter.

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1. London Live News Reading for Asian World News
World News Fox Asia - Alley Einstein Live in London
2. Sky Australasia - Live News Bulletins
Alley Sky News Live
3. Celebrity Live - ATV Hong Kong
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1. Alley Live Interview on Jon Lewis Show No 1

Alley Live Radio Interview with Jon Lewis

2. Alley Live interview on Jon Lewis Show No 2
Live Interview - Celebrity and Royal News Jon Lewis Live


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Published in:
Love It
Take a Break
Celebs on Sunday
One Up
Real People
Cosmo Australia
Cleo Australia
Pick Me Up
Australian Times
New Zeland Times
South African Times
New Idea
Womans Day
Numerous non english speaking magazines
Various other womens and teen magazines here and overseas


1. Career Girls Kidnapping for Kicks - INvestigative piece (USA and UK)
2. I'm in Love with my Father - Genetic Sexual Attraction (USA)
3. Single White Female - stole my husband and kidnapped my daughter (USA)
4. We're Adult Babies and run an Adult Baby B and B
5. I had a baby while suffering Body Dismorphia
6. £32,000 in debt looking like Jessica Simpson
7. I know how Paris Hilton felt serving time
8. I had a Bullimia Baby
9. I give blood and so does my dog
10. I am a White Witch at 20
11. Vampire Lady
12. Vampire Love and my man is ok with it
13. I went from 25 stone to 10 stone for love
14. My man is 70, I am 32 and his wife still wants him back
15.I have a seeing eye pony
16. Miscarriage Horror
17. I suffer Vitiligo
18. I suffer PSAS (Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome)
19. I was Starving to be an Olympic Star
20. I'm allergic to condoms and semen
21. I lost 70% of my body weight
22. I use the loo 20 times a day
23. Boiled Baby Syndrome
24. I can't stop pulling my eyebrowns out
25. I had liposuction while awake
26. We got revenge on our love rat men and women
27. I run a sex webcam from home and no one knows
28. I'm a grown man with a Breast Milk Obsession
29. I got Tattoo Revenge on my love rat bloke
30. We're Honey Trap Men and catch out cheating girlfriends
31. I spent time in jail just like PARIS HILTON
32. I Suffer Extreme PMT
33. Channelle's Best Mate Reveals All ( Big Brother2007)
34. I dated the son and married the father
35. I am a top Dwarf Body Builder
36. I am a girl living as a bloke and no one knows ( pre-op Female to Male Transition)
37. I cheat on my man with other women
38. Herpes - hidden disease among young women investigation
39. We're a cross dressing couple and had 2 wedding ceremonies
40. I know what it feels like to be Nicole
41. I did the same parenting course as Britney


1. Gene Simmons - Kiss Star Profile
See below for full story
The Sun uses part of Gene Simmons Article

2. Angie Best - Raising Calum Alone
Angie Best Published Article
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3. Dannii Minogue New Album Profile
4. Dr Karl Neighbours Profile
5. Peter Andre Profile
6. Anthea Turner Profile
7. Mr Nasty of Dance

1. Gene Simmons – Kisses and Tells before hitting the UK Musician GENE SIMMONS of KISS©Jonas Mohr/J M E Los AngelesCall 310 391 3641 for further information
Gene Simmons – the founding member and blood spurting bass player of KISS - is hitting the UK in January complete with his family to film part of the next series of Gene Simmons- Family Jewels and before arriving he’s taking a swipe at the Osborne’s, offering Tony Blair some advice and British mum’s and dads some tough love parenting tips.

Similar to the Osborne’s television reality show Gene has allowed camera crews access all areas to his family life which includes his girlfriend of more than 20 years Shannon Tweed, a former Playmate, and their kids Nick and Sophie. However according to Gene the Simmons Family is totally different from the Osbornes.

“That’s a dysfunctional family. My kids don’t take drugs, they’re well mannered and properly disciplined and I don’t go letting dogs poop on the carpet. I’m not a drug addict – in fact I have never been drunk, I don’t smoke or have ever taken drugs and never will. Shannon and I have been happily unmarried for 23 years,” says the self proclaimed god of thunder and rock and roll in a phone interview from the U.S.

“My family is more structured and they behave properly,” he says in a swipe at The Osbornes. According to Gene the difference between the 2 shows starring 2 rock legends couldn’t be more different with his family giving viewers a real view of a well behaved, well mannered and responsible celebrity family.

When the four arrive with crew in tow in January there will be no script Gene says they’ll film him doing whatever he wants to do. Gene says he is the Alpha male and what he says goes especially when it comes to parenting.

According to Gene his kids who are now in there teens learnt to behave early on – there was no way this rock and roll legend was going to allow inappropriate activities and swearing in his home

“When Nick was five and Sophie was two and a half they were misbehaving so I called them into the kitchen and said go and get the biggest piece of fruit from the bowl. They got an apple and I said if you misbehave and I have to say ‘One’ that is not a good sign, if have to say Two’ you will start to feel the earth shaking and if I have to say ‘Three’ that will be the worst thing in the world. When I said Three I screamed Three in their face and smashed my fist down on the apple and it splattered everywhere,” he says.

“The kids ran away screaming to their room and they cried all day and night and no one went to them. The next day they behaved perfectly and now I never have to ask them to clean their rooms or do as they are told. I have never had to say ‘One.’ And yeah the only regret about the kitchen discussion was I hurt my hand when I smashed the apple. My kids know to never over step the line.”

Gene says he thinks parents are too easy on their children and if his kids ever misbehaved:” I’d send their butts straight to those tough love camps in the middle of no were in Arizona”

For the man whose rock performances are things of legend Gene’s tough anti drink and drug stance may be hard to believe. He has never been drunk or drunk or taken drugs in his life.

“I have no tolerance of misbehaving, for drinking and getting high.”

“I think people who deal drugs should be put to death and I should be the one that does it. All drug dealers should be killed immediately. I think society has got what it’s paid for and it’s time to get tough,” he says.

“I think people found guilty of using drugs and serious crime shouldn’t be sent to jail. What’s the incentive they get 3 square meals a day in jail. I think the Gulags in Russia were a good idea. I think if you have a serious drug addiction put these people in work camps and work them hard. The same thing if you’re failing school put those kids in work camps.”

Gene says Prime Minister Blair should introduce ‘Gene Simmons Tough Love’ policies in the UK.

“You know what - for example if here in the UK if people in the streets are upsetting other folk who are just going about their business I think your government should allow the police to go up to the trouble makers with baseball bats and if beat the shit out of them. Hand out justice right there on the spot.”

“Your Prime Minister should introduce the death penalty on serious crime and I think there should be more rich people as MPs. You know why? Politicians who are elected and need the money have to keep everyone happy were as rich people don’t need the money. Arnold Schwarzenegger is rich, he doesn’t need the money and he’s doing a great job.”

Gene admits he does have a huge ego and if he was in charge while he’d be tough on crime and slime there are other issues he’d be more free about.

“I would be liberal on issues like gay marriage and stem cell research but death to all drug dealers and forget the three strikes and your out policy which is in place in some American states for repeat offenders”

As for his partner of 23 years Shannon there is no marriage in sight. Gene doesn’t believe in ‘that institution’ as he calls it.

“I lead my life my way. I am the Alpha male and what I say goes. The idea of marriage is out of the question.”

The pair though according to the tongue wagging rock god are perfect partners.

“Whenever I got out I do whatever I want to do. I never get the questions ‘where are you going’ and I’d never answer the question anyway. She doesn’t torture me like most of you women do. She doesn’t nag me. She could teach all women how to stop torturing men,” he says.

In Gene Simmons Family Jewels we see Shannon at home, working on various film projects and living happily with Gene and when he goes out she doesn’t ask were. His kids are well behaved Nick is working on becoming a rock star and Sophie starting dating and taking self defense classes.

Gene’s not big on Christmas either: “I don’t look to a calendar to celebrate another day. I don’t need a calendar to tell me what to do.”

KISS is regarded as one of the most influential rock and roll bands of all-time. Their career milestones are staggering. KISS holds honors as one of America’s top gold record champions, recording 36 albums over 32 years selling over 75 million albums worldwide. It was January 30 1973 that the band played their first show at a club in Queens, NY called Popcorn.
Over thirty years of record-breaking tours around the globe include high-profile appearances at Super Bowl XXXIII, the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and most recently, the 2005 Rockin’ The Corps concert dedicated to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
According to Gene Kiss is second only to Disney when it comes to licensing. There are more than 2500 licenses.

“We have Kiss condoms and Kiss Caskets – so Kiss gets you coming and going,” laughs Gene

It doesn’t stop there. There are Kiss toothbrushes with 15 million sold which allow users to hear music inside their mouth. Kiss Coffeehouses which Gene hopes will rival Starbucks, Kiss Casinos, Kiss Cameras, a Kiss comic book line and Kiss Girls.
The Kiss NASCAR is continuing its association for the 5th year in the USA and yes there are even Kiss Visa Cards.

It doesn’t stop there Gene has his own postage stamp in the US. In the UK he did the Rock School reality TV show with a similar version in the US. Gene has his own record company and he discovered Van Halen producing their first demo album. Then there are speaking tours, the books he has written, Kiss perfume, the management of various entertainers, including at one stage Liza Minnelli, and of course his very own family reality show. Genes own website and you’ll even find a place for Ladies in Waiting were scantily clad women can post their pictures and messages many just for Gene.

Gene was born in Israel in 1949 – the only child of a Nazi Concentration Camp survivor.He has always attributed his ethics, morals and drive to his mother's notion's about life. "Every day above ground, is a good day," his mother is apt to say. Every day above ground, indeed. Gene moved to the United States when he was 8 years old He graduated State University (NYSU) and City University (CUNY) and got a Bachelor of Education degree.

Not many people know he taught sixth grade in Spanish Harlem in New York City and speaks 5 languages including Hungarian and Japanese. Before meeting Shannon he had live in relationships with Cher and Diana Ross.

But back to reality in 2007 after filming finishes in the UK in January it’s back to the States for the Simmons clan for more fly on the wall family action and the continual world domination of the Gene Simmons/Kiss empire.

I guess it’s all ‘respectable rock and roll.’

2. Talking to Angie Best about being the BEST KEPT single Mum
Angie Best, personal trainer to the stars, former wife of soccer legend and alcoholic, the late George Best and mother of model and TV star Calum Best talks candidly to about walking out on George, raising her son alone and living life to the full.

When I speak to Angie Best she’s a picture of beauty, health and positive energy. She’s about to start a tour of the UK hosting her Best Kept talks on health and nutrition, is planning to launch a magazine for women who are over the age of 45 and is bursting with pride about her son Calum. That’s all despite the grief Angie suffered when her former husband and father to Calum, George Best died this year.

Her life she says has had more ups than downs.

Angie was a model, trained as a ballerina and when she moved to California in the 70’s teaching exercise classes and among her students was Cher.

She met the UK’s soccer hero George Best in Hollywood and the pair married in 1978. Angie decided to be a stay at home wife caring for George. Their son Calum was born in 1981 but it wasn’t the fairy tale Angie had hoped for. George was drinking heavily and the couple were living in California running out of money. So Angie decided to send her husband back home the UK to earn some money and pay the mortgage and that’s when the real problems started.

As Angie recalls he ‘did a runner’ and met Miss World. The bank foreclosed on Angie’s home in the USA .After the public humiliation of George’s affair she took the brave step of separating from her husband and moving back to the UK to start a new life.

What happened when you moved back to England?

“Well George had found Miss World and I was a single mum so I just got on with it. Calum and I moved in with my mum before we got a little flat in London. My time with my son was blissful but life was awful. I had no friends. I was miserable and it was a strange disjointed time. “

How did not being with George affect you?

“I was unhappy because I was not with the man loved. I loved my son and was at home looking after this lovely little boy while my husband was in all the papers with one of the most beautiful women in the world. I realised I had to put my ego in my pocket. That meant if George wanted to see Calum I would have to pick up the phone to whichever girlfriend he had at the time and make friends with her. I’d say: ‘Hi how are you’ and be nice and sweet and ensure they knew how to care for Calum when I dropped him over to see George. I had to ensure they didn’t see me as a threat. It helped me because I had his girls on my side and I knew my son was being cared for properly.”

How bad did things get during this period?

“I had never drunk – even during my time with George. I was a health nut. But coming back to London I’d go out and drink champagne at Tramps and drink way too much. I woke up one morning and thought Jesus how many hangovers can I have. I was unhappy and looking for a way to make me feel happy again. I knew this wasn’t the solution.”

What did you do?

I took Calum to his grandmothers for a month. I booked us tickets back to California. I sold everything we had. I never asked George for a penny and off Calum and I went to California. I called Cher and she was about to go on tour and so she said come and work for me. So Calum and I moved in with Cher and I turned a negative into a positive.

Did George contest you taking Calum out of the UK?

“Care – he could not care because he was drunk and battling his illness. He didn’t even show up at the custody hearing when I filed for divorced because he knew he could not look after Calum.”

Did George ask to see Calum?

“When Calum was young, around the age of 5 the only time he could see his dad was at the pub. I tried to organise meetings at restaurants instead. When he did come to California instead of driving to Malibu he always took the wrong turn to his favourite pub.”

How did you feel about this?

“You know it’s just life. You take it in your stride. I am a very positive determined person and I just kept moving forward. I never felt sorry for myself. I was going to be happy and my son was going to be brought up properly.”

How did you earn money?

I worked as Cher’s trainer and dresser on tour and PA at her home. When we went on tour Calum would stay with Cher’s son Elijah, the nanny and the cook and we’d be away for a while. He had a fantastic life. Then at the age of 10 he said ‘Mummy will you stay home now.’ So I did. Cher was peeved but Calum was my focus. So I started BEST BODIES training and working with celebrities and the Hollywood elite.”

Did you get your own home?

“Yes Calum and I got a lovely little house and were like the Waltons. He had his room and I had mine and every night I’d say Goodnight Calum, and he’d say Goodnight Mum, I love you and I could go to sleep knowing everything was ok and I was doing the right thing. We also had our plans if something happened. We each had a baseball bat under our beds and I had a gun in case someone broke in and we had a plan what to do in case of fire. He was my focus and I had to give him stability.”

How did divorce change you?

“It made me grow up. It made me get stronger. I reacted to it as the true me and I did not bring another man into my life until Calum was 18. If Calum spent a night with his dad I went on a date but I never ever brought a man home until he was fully grown. Now I have a wonderful partner.”

Did you have to explain to Calum about his father’s drinking and why he was in the UK?

“I never explained it to Calum. He knew his Dad was in the UK and he knew his dad was not well. At around the age of 10 he started going to see his dad and he would see the difference in lifestyle and how differently his mum and dad behaved. Life was what it was and I did not want him burdened with me crying on his shoulder - he lived a healthy happy childhood.”

Did you ask George for maintenance?

When we separated I never asked him for a penny. I did it all myself. I never got a penny until Calum was older and George had fixed his tax problems. For the first ten years I got nothing.

How did you cope for those first ten years without maintenance from George?

“I just got on with it and I went to work. You don’t go looking for hand outs and you don’t go looking for men who can look after you. You put your child first and you provide for him.”

What is you advice to women or men who are unhappy and considering leaving but can’t make the move?

“Move into a smaller house, get a smaller car, get a job. Just make it you and your child/children. It is much better than having the misery of your child hiding when dad or mum comes home or the fear or dread of how they’ll feel with that. Also I recommend staying single until your kids have grown. The children don’t need the trials of another relationship or multiple relationships or you getting together with someone and it not working out.”

What do you think of your son now?

“I have this amazing boy who has struggled. He has struggled to get his dad to pay attention to him and he has had his own demons to deal with. I am extra-ordinarily proud of him. He’s never asked me for money. He’s fantastic. All I want for him is to be happy be he rich or poor”

What projects are you know focussing on?

“I am doing a series of lunches called Best Kept which primarily focus on health and nutrition with tips on how to maintain a fabulous figure and avoid needless ageing. I am also launching a magazine for women over 45 next year. I don’t refer to the menopause I prefer to call it the Sagacious which means wise and sage like. I also set up a non-profit animal rescue centre in Montana for rescued Premarin mares and their foals which had previously been used in HRT research and production of HRT products and when they were of no longer any use slaughtered. I’m saving them. I also provide a safe haven for dogs.”

Are you enjoying your life?

“Yes I have a wonderful son. I have lived through difficult periods and I working on so many positive projects especially aimed at helping women realize that health eating and living can avoid needless aging. Fifty after all is the new 40! If people want to contact me they can visit my website”

Australian singer Dannii Minogue may look glamorous, sexy and relaxed but she’s counting on pressure to take her to number one when she launches her new single next week ‘So Under Pressure’

After 16 years in the music industry and 19 hit singles and four top selling UK albums Dannii will release her new single on June 12 and those who have heard it say it’s destined for big things.

Speaking to THE AUSTRALIAN TIMES Dannii was in fine form and excited about her new single and her new album.

“Well, it's been 15 years since my first single release in the UK - with four albums released, I felt it was time to do 'The Hits' album. I have been writing many songs over the last few years so it evolved into 'The Hits & Beyond'. If you want the 'sales pitch' there are five new tracks plus all the best hits - so it's a bargain! If you're into watching the fashion 'do's' and 'don’ts' of Dannii Minogue, then get the double CD/DVD for a great laugh!,” she says.

And that’s what makes Dannii so likeable – she’s a major celebrity who can laugh at herself and according to those who know her well she’s one of the hardest workers in the competitive music industry.

Dannii readily admits she puts her heart and soul into her music.

“All the new tracks I have co-written - this is my favourite part of my music career. The more hours that I spend in the studio, I find that I'm learning so much which means I'm getting more and more involved in
production. I hope to one day be writing for other artists too.”

She’s keeping mum about whether she and Kylie will collaborate. Dannii is just grateful her beloved sister has beaten breast cancer.

Dannii was by Kylie’s side while she went through chemotherapy but as she revealed to us Kylie was at the same time helping her sister – a double act that shows how deeply both sisters care and help each other.

“Well my sister was the first person to encourage me to do a 'Hits'
album. She loves all the old tracks and was desperate for me to put a
compilation together - she likes to be the proud older sister!”

“I guess that is when I realized, "Wow, I really do have lots of hit songs now!" My favourite 'Best Of' is Madonna's 'Immaculate Collection' and I find myself listening to it when I'm getting ready to go out, or doing the house hold chores (it really does get me going for a spot of vacuuming or dusting with the marigolds on!) so I hope this one hits the spot for anyone listening to it,” she explains.

While Dannii makes light of some things the new single is a rare glimpse into her private life and struggles she has had over the difficult past year.

“It’s a real achievement for me that I was brave enough to put all that into words,” Dannii reflects. “I’d spent all year saying, everything’s going to be fine, we’re all strong, but then you hear in the song that some days I actually felt like I was in quicksand. I didn’t want to go into work at all the day I wrote that but then I realised that is what a songwriter is supposed to do, to write about what you’re feeling and experiencing. I found that writing about this struggle, helped me find peace in it.”

And the video was a challenge as well and all devised by Miss Minogue herself.

“It involves me being wrapped in a cream python twice my size (10 foot 5 inches), drilled into a claustrophobic Perspex box and being lifted through a white tunnel until I can’t take it any more. I tried to put different things in the video that made me feel under pressure and it really did!”

Dannii is also experimenting on the album. The single features special release mixes by Soul Seekerz, Steve Pitron, Thriller Jill and Riffs & Rays.

It’s a far cry from then Australian TV show YOUNG TALENT TIME which Dannii started on when she was 7 years old. She was the first Minogue to start in showbiz. She then tried acting after scoring a role in Home and Away and after a year on the show launched her music career which has sustained her for the last 16 years. In between Dannii married and divorced Julian McMahon, the son of a former Australian Prime Minister, and has been linked with a number of high flying boyfriends but its her love of music that keeps her going as well as being aussie.

Dannii spends much of her time in London and has just become an aunt for the first time following the birth of her brother’s first baby.

The singer however has got a few secrets of her own she wanted to share with our readers who may be missing home as she often does.

“Check out Antipodium (5a Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BH or This shop holds a great selection of Aussie and New Zealand designers and most of the pieces I'm wearing in the new video for So Under Pressure are from here,” she advises

”Thankfully Milo and Tim Tams are now available to buy here so our poor
parents don't have to send those in care packages anymore!”

And for those Aussies who have just arrived in town try the Dannii Tour Guide Tips exclusively revealed to THE AUSTRALIAN TIMES

”I love driving along the Embankment - near the London Eye is spectacular. I love a market and Borough Market seems to be the one with the most history. They have really modernized the stalls and you get everything from Wheat Free fresh baked bread to organic Chocolate and all the usual groceries. There's a fab little cake shop and bar on the edge of the market where me and my girlfriends like to perv on all the cute market boys!”

A girl can dream can’t she!

But when Dannii isn’t perving on boys at the markets she’s working and the next six months are packed.

“June 10th I'm doing a very special gig at a night called G.A.Y. @
The Astoria in London. As my album has the best of all the old hits and new tracks, we will be doing a mega mix up of my favourites from Love and Kisses (1991) through to So Under Pressure (2006). It will be such a fun show (and scary.....I'm sure some of the fans know the lyrics to my older songs better than I do!)” she said. After that she’s out promoting the album, back writing and recording and charity work which she regularly does.

Dannii’s new album ‘The Hits and Beyond” is out June 19. To keep up to date on Dannii’s movements check out her rather cool website – a website considered to be one of the best in the music biz. Of course the last word in this interview has to come from Dannii herself: “I wish you all happy journeys through London town and get the BBQ's out 'cos it looks like it's gonna be a great summer! Dannii x” – big kisses back DanniiXX

4. LOVE THEY NEIGHBOUR IN LONDON PLUS HERE DR KARL SING Picture shows: ALAN FLETCHER as Karl.TX:Mondays to Fridays, BBC ONE.© FreMantle Media.Warning: Use of this copyright image is subject to Terms of Use of BBC Digital Picture Service. In particular, this image may only be used during the publicity period for the purpose of publicising the showing of 'NEIGHBOURS' on BBC Television and provided© FreMantle Media is credited. Any use of this image on the internet or for any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising or other commercial uses, requires the prior written approval of© FreMantle Media.
The Australian stars of Neighbours are celebrating after completing a successful visit to London to film a special series of episodes of the hit soap. And in this exclusive interview with Alley Einstein star Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl reveals he’ll be back before Christmas not for acting but to take to the stage with his band Waiting Room.

Neighbours is watched by millions of Britons each day and has filmed twice in the U.K before by for Alan Fletcher, long standing cast member and lothario doctor, it was a first when he and Jackie Woodburne who plays his fomer wife Susan and Natalie Bassingthwaitgthe who plays Izzy took to the London streets for filming last month.

As with everything on Neighbours the threesome filmed here to keep a plot scandal brewing. In this case the scandal of Dr Karl, Alan’s character’s affair with Izzy and her leaving him at the alter going. Shock and scandal says Alan was at the centre of the plot.

“You bet, Izzy Hoyland left Erinsborough pregnant and giving the
impression that Karl was the father. London explores this further when Karl and Susan here on holiday bump into Izzy who as always is embroiled in scandal,” he explained.

For Alan filming here though was a thrill and a challenge.

“It went very smoothly. Noise is a huge problem in London when filming
so finding quiet locations was a challenge. The weather was very kind
to us although we had some very cold mornings. Mind you we are used to
that in Melbourne!”

Alan is also one of the first to admit that much of the global success of Neighbours is due to UK support.

“Without the support for Neighbours in the UK I doubt that the show
would have lasted 20 years. Filming in the UK is a grand way of
acknowledging that support and giving the show another point of

He continues: “The filming was a fantastic experience. Not just for the novelty but also because we got to meet so many industry people and do so much publicity. I don"t know if the show will be able to film in the UK for quite a while because of the cost.

Alan and the cast and limited crew who flew over for the whistle-stop filming session admitted their schedule was tough but managed to take in a great deal of London in their small amounts of downtime.

“We all went to see the musical Wicked - which was! Natalie saw Mary
Poppins and she also went with Jackie to see Kevin Spacey in Moon for
The Misbegotten. The girls did as huge amount of shopping, as did I.
Apart from that I was working every day for the two weeks so
Sightseeing was very limited,” he explained.

And while Dr Karl may be a bit of a lothario on the show Alan says off screen it’s a different matter.

“We have different tastes in music, different attitudes to raising children, different sexual mores, totally different dress sense and different taste in entertainment! But I"d like to think we are both nice guys,” he says.

And for Alan’s and Neighbours fans there is now a chance to see him live in flesh in London before Christmas when Alan and his band Waiting Room are gigging at the Carling Academy in Islington on December 12th .

Waiting Room is made up of Alan and Melbourne musicians Tommy Rando and Chris Hawker. The band"s set list combines covers of iconic rock tunes mixed with their own brand of quirky fun rock songs and ballads.

The group has performed in the U.K before and has produced an album. For more information about the band, how to buy the album and what gigs they will play in the UK visit WWW.ALANFLETCHER.NET.

“I will also return in January to perform in the TV programme “SOAPSTAR Superstar”.

So for all those Dr Karl fans out there yet another chance to get up close and personal with their hero.

And for all avid Neighbours fan the show is shown weekdays on the BBC and you can visit for all the latest on the hit Aussie show.


Australian raised singing superstar Peter Andre and his mega-famous wife Katie Price – AKA Jordan- are celebrating a perfect Christmas and New Year with a gift not for themselves but for thousands of needy children and families.

The couple who famously met and fell in love in the Australian bush while appearing on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ marked the end of 2006 and the start of 2007 with the debut of their charity album’ A WHOLE NEW WORLD’ which Peter tells Alley Einstein he hopes will raise people’s awareness about those less fortunate than ourselves.
“We wanted to give something back to all the people that have supported us over the years. Something for our fans. And to do the album totally for charity has been amazing, we feel we are really doing something,” Peter told THE AUSTRALIAN TIMES.
They may be the couple with everything after a fairy tale wedding, the birth of Peter’s first child and Katie’s second and the recent announcement of Katie’s pregnancy but instead of sitting back and relaxing Peter’s aussie work ethic and Katie’s determination kicked in after they sang together on Children in Need in 2005 and the pair started work on their charity album.

Peter and Katie decided to fund the album themselves and then it was down to business choosing the songs, shooting videos and then it was time to head to the recording studio. For a couple that live and work together singing together according to the affable Peter provided there were no problems what so ever.

“Not at all, we spend as much time together as we can anyway, so to be able to record together was the best,” he says.
“I think my wife was amazing, she really can sing, and on this album she shows everyone that,” he proudly says.

The album with its series of duets including the single “A Whole New World” has special meaning for Peter and both he and Katie have their favourite songs
“Mine is ‘Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You’, just because it’s an incredible track, and one I’ve loved since the first time I heard it. Katie’s is ‘Lullaby’ a song we wrote for our kids,” he explained
Katie has a son Harvey from a previous relationship and the pair has a son together called Junior. Katie is pregnant with the couple’s second child.
The couple have taken some flack over the album but for Peter it’s the charities that matter and he doesn’t see himself in competition with any other artist in the charts with ‘A WHOLE NEW WORLD’

“All we want is to shift as many copies as possible, and to raise maximum money for the charities,” he explained. And he wants our readers to help out by doing their bit for charity and buy the album.

“All I want is just for it to sell as many copies as possible, and to raise loads of money for the 5 charities we are supporting, which are the NSPCC, which I am an ambassador for, Vision, which Katie is a Patron of, Norwood, The Disability Foundation and Moorfields - The Richard Desmond Eye Centre.”

Peter was actually born in London but moved to Australia’s Gold Coast when he was six years old. Peter attended Benowa High School, helped his dad run a successful beach resort called Koolamara and then at the age of 13 wrote his first song with his brother Chris.

That was the start of a musical career which really kicked off in 1996 when Peter Andre and his famous six pack hit the Australian charts.

Peter enjoyed huge success down under as the first ever Australian male musical artist to debut at number 1 in the UK and the only Australian male solo artist to have seven top five hits including I Feel You there was only goal for this album
Ironically it was in Australia peter was to find true love when he first met Katie in the ‘”I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here’ hit show. He wrote a song for her after that and the pair fast became a couple. Now Peter calls the UK home but admits he thinks of down under frequently.

“My life has changed so much, who would have thought that all that has happened. I miss Australia terribly, my only regret is that I don’t get to spend as much time there as I would like,” he says.

A Whole New World is available in all good record stores and can be purchased online from sites including Visit Peters official website at: and Katie Price’s website:

6. Picture shows: Anthea TurnerTX BBC THREE Thursday 17 AugustAnthea Turner once again tries to re-educate the nation's self-confessed incompetent housewives. By her own admission, Anthea is the prefect housewife and ultimate domestic goddess. Will she be able to help a whole new set of housewives in crisis?Warning: Use of this copyright image is subject to Terms of Use of BBC Digital Picture Service. In particular, this image may only be used during the publicity period for the purpose of publicising Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife and provided BBC is credited. Any use of this image o
TV star Anthea Turner on her best role yet –
Step Parent to Grants three girls.
Anthea Turner is one of the UK’s most well known television celebrities. After starting her career presenting road traffic reports she went on to star on Blue Peter, she helped us wake up on GMTV, hosted the National Lottery, presented Wish Your Were Here and Your Kids are in Charge. Now Anthea is teaching the country how to have a perfect house with her hit show on BBC3 Anthea Turners Perfect Housewife.

Sadly for Anthea after 5 IVF cycles with her second husband Grant Bovey she was unable to have a baby. For Anthea while it was devastating news she decided to focus her attention on being the perfect step parent to her husband’s three beautiful girls.

When I catch up with Anthea she’s on the phone after completing an exhausting day of filming the next series of Perfect Housewife which has now reached cult status. Despite a hard day’s work she’s incredibly upbeat and ready for a chat – it’s like talking to your big sister who despite how down you feel will make everything right. She’s on her way to London and thinking about spending the weekend with Grant and his daughters.

In this exclusive interview Anthea reveals to Alley Einstein how honoured she is to be a step-parent and the intense responsibility she feels the task brings with it. In her Perfect Housewife way she offers useful tips on how to be a good step-parent and advice for single mums and dads on making their and their children’s life easier. And as we discover she speaks from experience it’s been 8 years since she took on the role of step-parent after she married property developer and millionaire Grant Bovey.

Congratulations on Anthea Turners Perfect Housewife – how did it come about?

“It was something I want to do. It was a show I had talked about for 6 years. There was a gap in the market after all we’ve seen so many renovation shows, relocation shows and numerous property shows but not a show which teaches people how to organise their home, de-clutter and live a easier life.”

Now to your own household – how do you the view of step-parent?

“I take my responsibility as a step parent very seriously in deed. The way I see it is I am married to the girl’s dad and they have four adults in their life. Their mother and her husband and their father (Grant) and myself. So they have a mother, a father and two step-parents (there mother’s husband and their myself). You must never try and replace the mother if you are a step-mother or try and replace the father if you are a step-father. That is absolutely critical the mother or father is aware of that. My role is not to be the parent and to never to try to be. I consider myself that third way.”

What do you mean by that third way?

“As a step-parent you are the third way. Perhaps there are things children won’t discuss with their mum or dad but they will with you. You’re more like a bigger sister but someone who must be respected. Often the girls will use me as a sounding board. They’ll text me to ask what I would think if they asked their Dad for something.”

How important that all the adults in the parent – step-parent group get on and how do you cope?

“We are all very respectful of each other and each others concerns and needs. We were brought together due to circumstance and we must all deal with that. We’re always cordial to each other especially in front of the children.”

What was it like the first time you met Grant’s children?

“The children were very cool about it and we all got on very well. I guess I was lucky because when we married Grant’s youngest was still a baby. For me I was married to their father and I supported their dad and you are doing this for Grant and then you stop seeing then as Grant’s children and see them as individuals who you like and then love. We all get on wonderfully. Step-parents must remember there is unconditional love children give to their parents and conditional love which children will give to step-parents. Now the girls call my sister’s children their cousins and refer to my mum and dad as their extended family. It’s good.”

Was there a settling in period?

“When we married the girls were all under six and it was quite daunting but I got on with it. I guess it really hit me when I woke up in bed one morning to find three other people other than Grant in the bed. It was a bit strange but you must remember when the children are with their Dad they want to spend as much time with him a possible.”

How often do you have the children?

“We have the children every second weekend from Friday until Monday and half of every holiday. They are never made to feel like outsiders at our house. We made it clear from the start they are not visitors in their dad’s house. They each have their own room, their own space, own toys, clothes, computers, one has a dog and one a horse. It’s an infrastructure they can just step into so they don’t need to pack bags to come to us. For me that was really important. When they are not with us there is lots o texting and emails and phone calls between myself and the girls.”

Does your work schedule work around the girls?

“Yes – Grant and I were very clear about this. For example with Perfect Housewife I said no weekend filming and no holiday filming because that would interrupt time with the girls. We are always together as a step-family when they are with us. When the girls are not with us trust me we are not out at parties and openings. We are both incredibly busy people and we just work but we do take time to do some nice things together and that’s important.”

How did you introduce the children to their new second home?

“We involved them in choosing the new house and I remember taking them around to choose their rooms. Emilia was there with my mother who she calls Nana and she said: “Well that’s my room, that’s Chloe’s room, that’s my other sister’s room and that’s daddy’s room were are you going to sleep?” I said: “You know I don’t know were do you think I should sleep?” and she said: “Well you don’t have a bed so I think you should sleep with Daddy.”

What do the children think of having 2 homes?

“I think they think it’s great. I heard Grant’s youngest daughter talking to a little friend and she was explaining having 2 homes. She was saying how great it was because she has 2 birthdays, 2 Christmases, 2 bedrooms, 2 sets of clothes and 4 dogs. I think it is all related to how to you sell it. Get the children excited about a concept and they will be more accepting of it. Grant also says when the children are with us his ex-wife and her husband can enjoy free time together.”

As the Perfect Housewife did you allow the girls to decorate their rooms?

“Absolutely. They know I love decorating and so do they. So we let them decorate within reason and what you see are three distinctive personalities. We’ve personalised their bedrooms which I think is critical and they are proud of them and that means they are more likely to keep them clean and tidy which they do. They don’t feel like guests in our house and that’s reflected in the way they invite friends over and we always enjoy an open house policy – sleep-overs for the girls and their friends that sought of thing.”

As a step parent what apart from personalising their room helps you ensure the children do tidy up?

“Well divorced or separated parents and step-parents must give the children the mechanisms like baskets or drawers clearly marled for socks, tights and vests for example. I like using drop zones so the girls know were certain items should go like sports gear. Also there is no reason why a child after the age of 7 can’t put laundry in the laundry basket and at our house we have dark coloured and whites. If you integrate it into routine and lead from the front children follow. They should also be able to pull up their duvet and plump their pillow. Give them positive re-enforcement when they do that. But you have to show them and make it fun not a rod for your own back. If you do it in a nagging way then children are going to be less likely to want to be involved. However for me as a step-parent I like to keep a clean, tidy and organised house and the girls know everything has its place.”

What’s you’re advice to divorced parents or separated mums and dads who have let their house go?

“Fix it now. Start by de-cluttering and then give everything places so you always know were to find the cello tape, the scissors and everything else. The children know were to find things and leave things as well.

Regularly get rid of things you don’t use and get the children to do the same. If it hasn’t been used or worn for a month then you should recycle it or take it to the charity store and get the children involved. Remember children look at you as a mother or father or step-parent and how you live. Living in mess sends the wrong message. So set the example you want followed.”

How do you make chores around the house fun?

Well it’s been my experience it is all in how you sell it to a child. Cooking for example you should try and make it fun. Kids love chopping things. It’s important to teach them and involve them but with young children remember do things which happen quickly. All Grant’s girls can cook. If I need help I sell an idea – for example if the kitchen need’s cleaning I’ll say let’s all do out bit and then we can all watch coronation Street together – always put a positive spin on things.

Remember in s step family for example like ours I involve Grant and myself and the girls in the chores so we create a fun team environment. Always remember you can’t ask kids to do things you would not do so lead by example. It is the way I run our home. However I also have to remember I am dealing with three girls who are interested in things like keeping a tidy room to show off to their friends and cooking I imagine with three boys it would have bee a completely different situation. In fact we have fights over who is going to help me with the washing or the dishwasher so it shows tings are working.

I love leading by example, making things fun and I love the concept of marriage and step-parenting. It’s me and I believe very much in it.

Have you worked hard to keep the children away from the downside of divorce?

“Yes we have. We all have never used the children as weapons. Whatever goes on between adults should stay between adults. We have always policed ourselves as adults with discussions in front of the kids. The children because everyone has worked so hard have 2 very happy homes which would not have occurred if things had carried on. Life is a compromise and I do not sit in judgement on anyone. Everyone in the household is loved and they know that.

The adults, we all respect each other. We were brought together due to circumstances and we are dealing with it. If there is a school play on we’ll go on one day for example and the girls Mum and her husband on another day – it’s about respect.

Children (and I say this to all couples who are divorced or couples not married but separated) are better in 2 homes they know they are loved in than one which is uncomfortable and there is parental war going on

It’s also important people realise you should never put ideas into children’s heads. Be positive and keep them away from the adult stuff. If they want to know more they’ll come to you or their parents.”

You couldn’t have children how has being a step parent helped?

“I hear terrible stories from step parents who dislike their partner’s children and that is just wrong. It wasn’t possible for me to have kids of my own. Grant’s children are not a thorn in my side and never have been and never will be.

They have filled that void but I always put effort into the relationship with them and I never sit back and expect not to work at relationships. I do the school run; I go to school plays help them with homework and occasionally discipline them. For me being a step parent is the most natural thing in the world. “

You are a celebrity step parent do you get contacted by other step-parents wanting advice?

“Yes I get letters from various women saying my husband has children from a previous marriage and I can’t stand to have them around. I think ‘you cannot ever allow that to happen.’ Children need to feel loved and wanted and they come with the package you buy into when you marry your new husband.

I also feel parents and divorced parents must constantly police themselves. Talking on the car phone with the children in then back while you slag off their father or mother is simply not right.”

What are your top tips for being a step-parent?

• Don’t be overbearing
• Take it easy
• Get to know the children’s as friends first don’t expect to suddenly be overcome with step parenting love you have to get to know each other and some step parents may not know the full background to the divorce and separation.
• I was lucky because the girls were young
• Take your responsibility as a step-parent extremely seriously – it’s an honour and privilege
• Remember you have a duty to protect these children to care for them and to love them
• Some step-parents may have to work harder at forging relationships with the step-children then they first imagined. It’s one thing to go to the park with them it’s another to share a home with them but remember children should never be treated as outsiders
• Respect their mother or father and never allow the children to witness adult issues
• Remember they are your partner’s kids and must be put first and you must put your best foot forward.
• Stick to routines in your household
• Make things fun and excite children about doing things
• Work as a family team
• Be prepared for good and bad times

What’s planned for 2007?

Well we there is the next series out in May of ANTHEA TUIRNERS PERFECT HOUSEWIFE. The Perfect Housewife book is out in Spring. I have a company called Imagine Furnishings which works with Grant’s company Imagine Homes. We also have a Charity Ball which we hold at the house each year for 500 people and we raise money for 2 charities D.E.B.R.A and the Children’s Hospice. This is a very important project for both of us. Plus there will be holidays with the girls and our weekends which we treasure.

One final comment for step-parents?

Never give up – all the hard work is worth it and remember your responsibility for the children in your life is vast.

ANTHEA TURNER’S PERFECT HOUSEWIFE is broadcast on BBC for more information visit:

7. Dancing’s Mr Nasty says he’s strictly an Aussie at heart.
Craig Revel Horwood is the Mr Nasty of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing – the judge most feared by contestants and the man most likely to be booed but as he exclusively reveals to THE AUSTRALIAN TIMES this former Ballarat boy still calls Australia home and thinks it’s his antipodean mission to put would be pommie dancers straight.

“I’m just honest. The truth sometimes hurts!” he says. And it’s that honesty, exacting standards and chorographic and dancing excellence that currently has Craig in demand here and in Europe.

I spoke to Craig from Germany where this now A-List celebrity from down-under is celebrating another first for all Australians.

“I’m in Berlin right now choreographing the biggest revue theatre in Europe, the Friedrichstadpalast,” he explains. His modesty is unexpected but this is a real honour and for Craig a major career achievement.

“The show is called Glanzlichter. I’ll be back in London in May to start work on The Hot Mikado I’m directing for the Watermill Theatre in Newbury.”

So how did someone from regional Victoria end up starring on BBC TV, choreographing shows in Europe and London’s West End.

“I arrived in the UK April fools day 1989. I left OZ to take an 8 month contract as a dancer at the Lido Du Paris, Paris in 1988. Then I moved to London. I stayed because there was so much work in London in musical theatre and it’s a great base to work the world. My family spent a lot of time traveling as my dad was in the navy so we were posted to a different place every two years. I began my dance training there then later Melbourne where I studied at the Tony Bartuccio Studio," said Craig.

Craig admits it was tough and he did face heaps of rejection:
"I stopped doing chorus work to become an actor. Too few jobs, too and far between. It was depressing." But then he got his first big break.

"After years as a singer/dancer in Australia and the West End, I was approached by Susan Stroman (director and choreographer of “The Producers”) to mount Crazy for You the musical in South Africa. I did and that’s when I got the bug for direction and choreography. I then went on to Resident director of Miss Saigon in the West End and later choreographed my first big show in the West End ‘Spend, Spend, Spend’ which won loads of awards and haven’t stopped working since."

The work has meant not only choreographic work but a starring role as a judge on BBC"s top rated Strictly Come Dancing, Comic Relief Does Fame Academy and Comic Relief. To add to his list of achievements Craig has been nominated twice for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award - a bit like the Oscars for UK theatre. Plus he"s written a book Teach Yourself Ballroom Dancing which is flying or should I say twirling off the shelves.

It"s Strictly Come Dancing that"s mad Craig a household name here and seen him make celebrities break down in tears because of his cutting comments. But according to Craig it"s all in the name of good dance.

"I think what it has achieved for dance education is amazing. It’s also very entertaining to watch non dancers having a go at something that takes years to perfect. It has captured the imaginations of the nation not only here in the UK but all over the world. There has to be something said for public humiliation and of course half of the phone in calls money goes to charity.
We have a blast doing the show but can be quite nerve racking as it goes to air live to over 11 million viewers and is completely improvised. Anything can happen."

Craig is also business savvy and runs his career like a business with an agent and a business head on his shoulders ensuring he looks after his money with astute acumen. He advises all aussies working here to do the same.

"It is out of necessity that you have to protect your assets. It’s not a reliable or easy business and sometimes you can feel vulnerable. It makes sense to look after and protect the work you create."

And he says being an Aussie helped him on the road to success:
"I think we have a different attitude to life and that helps sure. If you’re going to travel half way around the world you want it to be worth it. I think there’s a tiger in most antipodeans and they do have a different energy about them. A go get ‘em attitude. The hardest thing was giving up the beaches, that being said, the Cornish coastline is amazing! And there’s surf!"

He"s also got some great advice for people who would like to mirror his success:

"If you’re under 26 get a work visa so you can work part time for up to two years. Living, working and earning pounds in London is much better than spending all those hard earned Aussie bucks that won’t get you far as London can be expensive. That’ll also pay for all your travel around Europe and partying in the big smoke! If you’re over 26, take the open top double decker bus around the city and after doing the tourist stuff, go have lunch up in Primrose Hill, take a walk around the park and head into the West End for a night out on the town after taking in a show, naturally. Try and go to Prague for a weekend also Paris is great for lunch, take the Euro star you’re there in just over 2 hours!"

Despite his achievements to date Craig isn"t slowing down. In five years he hopes to be producing and directing his own material.
"I"m currently adapting ‘The Hunger’ (an 80s film and the book by Whitley Strieber) for the stage. It’s a play with dance and very contemporary."

Craig admits he is driven. He"s single now after a 15 year relationship and is throwing himself into his work.
"I don’t enjoy failing. Finding the truth in my work and telling stories honestly is my motto."

A motto we are sure to see more of especially with the next season of STRICTLY COME DANCING due out later this year. And for the record this Mr. Nasty is really Mr. Nice - and an Aussie with standards and advice we can all learn from.
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