Who is Alley Einstein?

* At 35 years old have have been a working journalist for 16 years having started my career covering cattle and sheep sales as a rural TV reporter and weather girl down under.

* I am proud to be a journalist due to the honour it gives me meeting and working with some of the worlds most amazing people

* I was one of the youngest women to ever present rural news and weather after completing a B.ARTS (Comm) with Honours.

* I have worked for ATV in Hong Kong on the English Channel presenting the late night news and reporting stories on a daily basis before the Chinese handover.

* During my time here I did regular radio interviews for stations around the world about the impending Chinese Handover and breaking news from Asia and covered the visit to Hong Kong by HRH Prince Charles and Diana, and the changes to the COURT OF FINAL APPEAL, plus follow up to the Tiennamen Massacre.

* At ATV I filed for CNNI

* I have worked as rolling newsreader for Sky Australasia reading 6 bulletins a shift and when not reading I was producing and reporting stories and bulletins.

* I hosted and produced a weekly HEALTH SHOW having specialised in medical reporting and winning 3 awards for my work.  I proudly developed this show from scratch.

* I also  Lectured and Tutored in Media Studies at Canberra University while working as a TV journalist there  for the TEN NETWORK

* In the UK I have freelanced for Bloomberg, CNBC and worked full-time as a video journalist and live cross presenter for cable network CHANNEL ONE.

* I have covered such major events as the IRA terrorist bombings and in one case being the first journalist on the scene of THE STRAND BUS BOMB ATTACK, the death of HRH Princess Diana, major international political visits, the release of Nelson Mandela from Prison and a stint in Baghdad covering the human side of suffering during the war.

* I spent 4 years working for Fox which including booking and interviewing celebrities including  John Major, Sting, President Bill Clinton, Germaine Greer, Mia Farrow, Nicole Kidman, Joan Collins, Monica Lewinsky, Lord Spencer, Mohammed Al Fayed, the body guard who survived Diana's crash, Ivana Trump and Helen Mirren.


1. Currently I freelance for radio stations around the world as either a short notice BRITISH CORRESPONDENT or a regular weekly BRITISH CORRESPONDENT covering breaking news,royal news and celebrity gossip. This includes stations in the USA, Asia, Canada and down under. I have a regular show on 6PR with Jon Lewis and 3 other US radio stations discussing UK  events and stories.

2. I write for a range of UK and overseas womens magazines covering REAL LIFE STORIES. A list of magazines can be found on the website. This together with radio and TV work keeps me busy 24/7.

3. I work as a celebrity life coach

3a. I  have appeared on the BBC and other TV stations and freelance for Fox TV Asia  and Sky Australia as both a reporter or participant to documentaries.

4. I write a regular column Get Living or Get Dying for an internet site and am in demand as an after dinner speaker.

5. I have co-authored my 4th Self Help book and it was published by Foulsham other books have been published by Hodder and Stoughton and Vermillion part of Random House and have been published in Australia, UK, Canada, USA and South Africa. All books have seen part of their proceeds donated to charity.

6. I am working with on developing a number on new TV programmes.


7. I am Guest Lecturing at Falmouth University - Journalism and Media Studies


In my free time I am learning to fly and plan to tackle rock climbing  - after all life is too short to not give everything a go. I also plan to do more study. In the last 3 years I have completed a Child Care Diploma, Counselling Diploma, and a Diploma in Psychology
I also proudly support, and encourage others to do the same, the following charities:

* Save the Children
* Books For Africa
* Network for Good
* Sixdegrees.org
* Global Foundation for Women
* Heifer International
* Red Cross
* Clothes Off Our  Back
* League of  Women Voters - SMART VOTER
* Not on Our Watch

Please email me if you'd like a complete CV.
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