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Here you'll find information about my work as a TV and radio presenter, news anchor and reporter , magazine writer, life coach (including celebrity life coach), guest speaker, columnist and my charity work.

I've worked all over the world as an award winning reporter and presenter covering everything from hard news, to royal stories, celebrity interviews, health stories, writing a few books along the way and training as a Life Coach.

On my website you'll find published articles, radio crosses and television work. I can provide magazine articles on request as I specialise in REAL LIFE STORIES.  If you have a REAL LIFE story you would like to have told then contact me and I will ensure it is told and you can also earn money for yourself or your chosen charity if the story is published. I am a member of the NATIONAL UNION OF JOURNALISTS (UK) and have other memberships with certified journalists groups in USA and Australia. My aim is to write quality real life stories.

We also have a team of researchers in the USA.


We are currently looking for interns and freelance writers to work with us.
If you are interested please email:
We need resume, a reference and copies of your work.
You can be based in London or anywhere in the UK
Self starters wanted.
Please contact us if you have any questions,


I'm working on a blog. More to poke some fun at myself. Not to be taken seriously but after becoming a mum I realised I'd turned into a scum mum and needed to attempt a makeover. Here it is and I feel you may's a bit of fun...enjoy:
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I like to poke fun at me!

I'd also encourage you to consider giving to to the various charities I support - every little bit helps. And for those of us in the media it is important to use our positions as news gatherers and media personalities to encourage others to help those who need our support.

* Save the Children
* Books For Africa
* Network for Good
* Global Foundation for Women
* Heifer International
* Red Cross
* Clothes Off Our Back
* League of  Women Voters - SMART VOTER
* Not on Our Watch

"Never give up. Never take no for an answer and either get living or get dying"
"As journalists we are in privileged positions and should never forget that"
"Believe - together we change the world."

Enjoy and I hope to hear from you.
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